Don’t Spend Your Last Dollar Filing Bankruptcy

Save your money while obtaining the relief you need.

For most people, filing bankruptcy shouldn’t be expensive or complicated

The bankruptcy laws provide relief for people and businesses that have suffered financial reversals, and need to manage excessive debt. The bankruptcy laws provide a path to a new future, and protect the rights of individuals and businesses that need a fresh start, or need to restructure their debt.

As experienced bankruptcy lawyers, we emphasize personal service, provided with deep experience.   Our clients often feel immediate relief as soon as they learn that they can have a brand new future.

We represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings of all types and sizes. Our firm was built on the representation of parties in bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Bankruptcy provides a form of social insurance, with immediate relief and benefits.

We are a debt relief agency under federal law, and we are proud to represent parties in financial distress.

Creditors’ Rights

The same laws that provide protection for debtors also protect the interests of creditors. We represent lenders in state court and in bankruptcy proceedings to collect defaulted loans, and bring suit for money judgment and the recovery of collateral. We also enforce creditors’ rights in bankruptcy by securing relief from the bankruptcy stay, and representing creditors’ committees under Chapter 11.

We see that creditors’ rights are recognized at every stage of a bankruptcy proceeding.  When representing creditors, our goal is to recover as much as possible as efficiently as possible.

We also provide counsel to creditors’ committees under Chapter 11 in Washington and Idaho.  Creditors’ committees, if properly organized and advised, can impact the course of a Chapter 11 case, and increase the recovery of all unsecured creditors. We have deep background in guiding creditors committees to achieve better outcomes under Chapter 11.

Commercial Litigation

Although great results can be achieved outside of a courtroom, we are experienced litigators in bankruptcy and receivership cases. We provide seasoned counsel in bankruptcy litigation through years of prosecuting and defending avoidance actions; asserting and defending claims objections; and participating in many confirmation hearings as counsel to the debtor in possession.

Bankruptcy litigation can include issues arising under state law, or issues that are unique to bankruptcy proceedings.  Contested matters include motions for relief from stay; motions for abandonment; claims litigation; administrative issues; and plan feasibility and confirmation.  We are experienced in those issues, as well as the avoidance and recovery of preferences and fraudulent transfers.

We are experienced in the litigation of receivership issues, such as whether a receiver should be appointed; claims arising from insider misconduct; and the recovery of improper transfers.

We also represent parties in commercial and contract litigation in the state courts, the bankruptcy courts, and the federal district courts of Washington and Idaho.  Frequent areas of litigation include real estate disputes; breach of contract; fraud; and issues regarding physician’s credentialing or discipline.


A receiver is an agent of the Court that is accountable as a fiduciary for the operation of receivership assets, and the disposition of those assets with Court approval. We are recognized as capable and creative state court receivers, and frequently represent other receivers and parties to receivership cases.

We serve as receivers in state court receivership cases, managing assets for the benefit of creditors, investors, and equity holders. We also represent other receivers, and represent parties to statutory assignments for the benefit of creditors and receivership cases.

Receivership is often a viable and efficient alternative to bankruptcy proceedings.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as receiver when an independent fiduciary is required to protect the interests of stakeholders in financially distressed or deadlocked businesses.

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