We’ll Help You File Bankruptcy In Washington State

For Your Family

Take Care of Family

Bankruptcy Can Help You Afford Essential Expenses

Everyone needs food, shelter, medical care, and a rainy day fund for emergencies.  These basic needs all require a certain amount of money, and corners are cut when there isn’t enough money to go around.

Personal bankruptcy can eliminate most debt, and leave money available for the essential expenses of everyday life.

Bankruptcy Can Help You Afford Health Care

Your stress increases and your health care suffers when money is tight.  Medical and dental care become luxuries, and prescription drugs become too expensive.

Personal bankruptcy can reduce the physical stress of burdensome debt, and leave money available to care for the health of you and your family.

Family Health
Protect Your Home

Bankruptcy Can Help Protect Your Home and Your Income

A bankruptcy filing will pause a foreclosure against your home, and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case will provide time to bring payments current over time.  A bankruptcy filing will also protect other property, and prevent the garnishment of your wages.

In the vast majority of Washington bankruptcy cases, all property is protected, and all future earnings are safe from the claims of creditors.

Bankruptcy Can Help Secure A Better Future

A bankruptcy filing can provide a fresh start to you and your family, with the tools to secure a better future.  In addition to eliminating debt, bankruptcy provides credit counseling and information on managing your finances.

A bankruptcy filing will often bring a better outcome than struggling to pay debts that won’t go away with hard work and good intentions.

Secure Future

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